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Enable Change Openness

ECO International – Enable Change Openness

According to recent investigations almost two thirds of all change projects in companies fail  or do not have the hoped-for success because different conditions are not or are only insufficiently fulfilled. Disregard of these conditions leads directly to resistance to the change, incidentally, despite the possible positive effects of the project.

How can change openness be increased and expanded? The answer lies in the findings of neurobiological research: status, security, autonomy, relationships and fairness (SCARF) are the criteria according to which our brain decides which resources will be activated. Whether we support or fight a project. And also whether we approach our work as a whole with dedication and enthusiasm, or inwardly cancel.
ECO International has set itself the task of helping companies, executives and employees to make changes more positively, to develop openness and to keep it alive. Because we believe that changeability will be one of the key conditions for future business success. And because we believe that the ability to accept and shape change has always been one of the essential conditions for a fulfilled life.