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On Stage:

Daniëlle Hellebrand

Keynote Speaker

“interconnect@equinix” 12/2018

On Stage:

Ulrich Bosetti

Lesson FH Ludwigshafen

“Denk- und Entscheidungsfallen

bei der Finanzberatung” 10/2018


Please click on the pic to read Daniëlle Hellebrands Guest Blog for “Mensch Bank” ( März 2017 )

Article for Maas Magazin, Themenband No. 8, 02/2018

Appreciation at


Please click on the pic to read the article of Ulrich Bosetti and Prof. Dr. Hartmut Walz for “Manager Magazin” ( July 2010 )

If you would like to listen to the article (German)

Column “Daglad de Limburger”

Limburg TV

Interview with

Daniëlle Hellebrand