Aachen – Vaalserquartier, Winter grain

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We are working right in the heart of Europe near Aachen. Belgium, Netherlands and Germany meet 7 kilometers away.

Address:     52070 Aachen

                   Am Weberhof 2   

                   Tel: +49 241 910 88 53


                   52074 Aachen,

                   Schurzelterstrasse 571

                   Tel : +49 241 955 09 215

Email: mail@eco-international.eu

Internet: www.eco-international.eu

Two words to Internationality

Changes over time

The Meuse-Rhine Euregio covers an area of ​​around 11,000 km2 and has a population of almost 4 million. Near Aachen is the Dreiländereck, one of 159 points all over the world, which touches three national areas and three cultures. Here, it is particularly clear how openness for change across borders has contributed to new forms of communication and interaction. And, of course, if that was not the case.

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