The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes

                                                                                                                                                            Marcel Proust

In our networked knowledge society cooperative work is no longer a soft skill but a prerequisite. We urgently need moments of pause, new forms of exchange, new forms of positioning beyond economic indicators. It needs a new quality of exchange in order to feel common ground, connection and trust: the “Campfire – meeting”. Sitting together, grounded, with appreciation and respect for each other and for different individual experiences. Meeting in harmony and in connection with our collective, deeply anchored knowledge and the possibility to really create a common feeling  of being connected.

It is not just the new, the other, the unknown in changing situations, but it is also to be aware of where we come from and get in touch with the knowledge that we have brought together in our evolutionary development.

It is about revitalizing the sense of the invisible connections between people, of reviving our own dynamic, of the underlying grammar, of their DNA, and of giving a new quality to this common sense of feeling. Even if this is not visible at first glance. As well as the gravity which we can not see but always feel.

Gatherings – an intense ‘get together’ at the camp fire and exchange was and is an essential and indispensable form of communication among the nomads (Inuits in Greenland, Touareg in the Sahara, among others). We can learn from this: conversations instead of just meetings. To be able to perceive and accept others in their personality. Our brain likes this: as a social being we have a strong need for bonding. Positive experiences in the team stimulate the reward center in the brain.

ROI (Return on Investment) together with ROS (Return on Society)

The Kgotla’s tribe in Botswana is an interesting example: in the public meeting the knowledge and wisdom of each individual and the entire group are used. Everyone is sitting in a circle, everyone is speaking and can say what he has to say. Decisions are always reached through consensus.

Campfire events generate trust. And trust is the most important binder for high potential teams.