“SCARF – Model” and “ECO – Route”

Those managers who lead their employees brain oriented take into account the neurobiological basic needs of their employees and can thus lead their employees better through change processes. For executives do not lead companies, they lead people. A change process is successful if it is possible to enable openness and creative participation among the employees. As a result executives generate an advantage that can hardly be overestimated and positive and brainwise addressed employees are initiating a positive spiral. All human perceptions are at first emotionally valued. Without emotion, stimuli are judged as not relevant and thus do not reach or hardly reach consciousness. This is why the “soft factors” play a major role in change processes.

SCARF and ROUTE provide confidence. It shows which requirements should be placed on a motivating corporate management. Following ROUTE releases Oxytocin leading to the fact that employees are less stressed (74%) more productive (50%) more connected (76%), and  less danger for burnout (40%) The “oxytocin boosters” from and through ECO International help organizations to implement this. (Source: Paul J. Zak, neuroscientist, youtube 2014)

“Scarf – Model”

“ECO – Route”

Nerve cell in a human brain

This is just one of more than 100 billion nerve cells in the brain, which interrelate with each other about 80 trillion linkages. This picture may give an idea of ​​the incredible complexity of this organ, of whose work we have relatively little experience, whose performance is always astonishing. The more we explore and know about it.